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SeaStar (2009)

star... and .. sea dreams.. carry... thee back to me...

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Page back the veil of time and bring yourself to a place where poetry and colour live in the melodic form. SEASTAR tangles songs of sea and light, with a velvet voice, a sparkling guitar, and a rich atmospheric sound that is reminiscent of the great 1970s psychedelic British folk movement. With roots planted in the Celtic, folk, jazz, and blues realms, these fine performers have been exciting audiences since 2007 with their unique blend of old world traditions and new world style. This is a duo that shares a passion for their music, the tradition from which it grows, and truly loves performing together. Fae and Doug met in 2006 at the Blue November MicroFilmFest in Seattle. Conversations of music and the odd jam here and again brought many to say while they were noodling in a local café, “you really should do this kind of thing more often”. So they did! They took the relaxed nature of their music and their easy going smiles and energy to Seattle’s Greenwood neighborhood for their debut in fall of 2007. After great success, they went on to play many shows and festivals during the summer of 2008. Listeners agree that SEASTAR engages the audience in an atmosphere that enchants and inspires. Singer, storyteller, painter, photographer, and vegetarian, Fae Wiedenhoeft gave her first concerts to the squirrels in her backyard at age 3. From there she went on to big musicals in the heart of downtown Chicago. In 1996, Fae made her way to Vancouver Island where she performed with Scottish duo Syren and West Coast Celtic sensation Kitangus. Influence by the mystery of Celtic folklore and great singers like Sandy Denny and Joni Mitchell, Fae began songwriting. Some of this music as well as performances can be found on five Canadian released CDs entitled: Myriad ~ "Song of the Isles", Syren ~ "Waves to the Sky", "Invitation", Cauldron ~ "After the Mad King Dies”, and Kitangus ~ "Into the West". When she returned stateside she went on to record 3 solo albums and is currently working on her 4th! Fae's solo work can be found at myspace.com/faesings Military brat, geetar noodler, jack of lots of trades, vegan since '87, and general music addict, Doug Hayman has been playing his guitar for over 30 years. Influenced by Santana, Clapton, Page, Skynyrd, and Hendrix, to name a few, Doug absorbed the essence of these great players from a young age. He escaped to Japan to study Karate and Japanese for a while only to land in Seattle to the sound of his Stratocaster calling out “play me!” Sound engineer and audiophile, Doug released his first solo album in spring of 2008 called “Seedlings”. Doug's solo work can be found at doughayman.com In July of 2008, SEASTAR released their first self titled CD and is currently working on their second release that is due to surface Spring of 2009. To pay homage to their beginnings, SEASTAR plays a free monthly show at a non-profit coffeehouse called the GreenBean in Seattle’s Greenwood area. “Music is about community, not money.”

Fae Wiedenhoeft - Vocals, Guitar Doug Hayman - Lead Guitar, Guitar, Bass Guitar




Completed Albums


star... and .. sea dreams.. carry... thee back to me...

Moon Jubilee
Free   (preferred)
Red Sky Morn
Stone Roses
Cox Bay Blues